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Ratnadurg Fort
Part of Konkan Coast
Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra
Type Sea Fort
Coordinates Latitude:
Laterite Stone
Height 200 Ft.
Government of India
Open to
the public
Controlled by

 Bijapur (1521–1594)
 Maratha Empire (1670–1818)
 United Kingdom

  • East India Company (1818–1857)
  • British Raj (1857–1947)
 India (1947-)

Ratnagiri Fort, also called Ratnadurg Fort or Bhagawati Fort (Marathi language: रत्नदुर्ग), is a fort located 2 km from Ratnagiri, in Ratnagiri district, of Maharashtra. This fort is an important fort in Ratnagiri district. The fort is a main tourist attraction due to the Bhagawati Temple inside the fort.


This fort was built during the Bahamani period. In 1670 Shivaji Maharaj won the fort from the hands of Adil Shah of Bijapur.[1] King Shivaji Maharaj had built protecting towers on two commanding points, one at the south and the other near the old court house. The Citadel defense was improved by maratha Koli admiral[2] Kanhoji Angre in 1750–1755.[3] Dhondu Bhaskar Pratinidhi did some minor repairs to the fort during Peshwa regime (1755–1818). The Fort was later won by the British in 1818.The temple of Bhagavati was renovated in 1950.

How to reach

The nearest town is Ratnagiri. The fort is at walkable distance from the town. A wide motorable road leads to the entrance gate of the fort. It takes about an hour to have a walk around the fort.

Places to see

The lighthouse is situated on one side of the fort.Inside the fort is Bhagawati temple, a pond and a well. There is a cave below the fort. The strongest of all the bastion is Rede Buruj.

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Coordinates: 16°59′46.3″N 73°16′13″E / 16.996194°N 73.27028°E / 16.996194; 73.27028

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