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Ratangad nedhe.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 1297 m[1]
Coordinates 19°30′00″N 73°41′24″E / 19.5°N 73.69°E / 19.5; 73.69Coordinates: 19°30′00″N 73°41′24″E / 19.5°N 73.69°E / 19.5; 73.69
Translation रतनगड (Marathi)

Template:Location mark+Location of Ratangad, Maharashtra

Location Ratan Wadi, Maharashtra, India
Parent range Western Ghats
Mountain type Hill Fort

Ratangad (Marathi language: रतनगड) is a fort in Ratan Wadi, Maharashtra, India, overlooking the locale of Bhandardara, one of the oldest artificial catchment area. The fort is about 2000 years old.

Ratangad has a natural rock peak with a cavity in it at the top which is called 'Nedhe' or 'Eye of the Needle'.

Ratangad was captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle and was one of his favorites. The base village Ratanwadi has an Amruteshwar temple which is famous for its carvings. The fort is origin for the river Pravara/Amrutvahini. The Bhandardara dam(arthar dam) is built on this river.

The main attraction at Ratanwadi is the Amruteshwar temple dating back to the Hemadpant Era - roughly from the eighth century.

The base village Ratanwadi is approached by boat from Bhandardara. By boat, it is a 6 km journey and further it is a 4 km walk till Ratanwadi.

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