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Ras Sedr massacre (in Hebrew: טבח ראס סודר) is a claimed mass murder of dozens of Egyptian prisoners of war that reportedly took place immediately after a paratrooper unit of Israel Defense Forces conquered Ras Sedr (also known as Ras Sudr) on 8 June 1967 during the Six-Day War, the same day as the USS Liberty incident.

Reports of the massacre

In June 2000, Egypt's Al-Wafd newspaper reported that a mass grave was discovered in Ras Sedr, containing remains of 52 prisoners of war killed by Israeli forces during the war. The report said that some of the skulls had bullet holes in them, "which proves that the soldiers were executed."[1][2] In April 2009, Haaretz reported that Israeli television director Ram Loevy had heard about the massacre shortly after the war, from fellow paratroopers in his unit. After testifying in Metzah, he was removed from the unit.[3] Another claim detailed two cases of killings at the location, which happened in 1956 and 1967, respectively.[4] A report has detailed confessions of Israeli officers who witnessed the act and this included an alleged admission that the Red Sedr massacre was one of the three collective massacres perpetrated under the direction of Brigadier-General in reserve, Arieh Biroh (also Arye Biro), during the 1956 War and the Six-Day War of 1967.[5] The other two included the killings at the quarry near the Mitla Pass in Sinai and the killing of escaping Egyptian officers by the 890 regiment at Sharm El-Sheikh.[5] Biroh admitted to killing 49 Egyptian prisoners of war in the Sinai Desert in later interviews after retirement.[6]


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