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Rappahannock Academy was a military academy founded in 1813 in Virginia.[1] Located on a hill near the Rappahannock River, the site was deemed well situated and brick buildings were constructed.[1] The school's name was changed to Rappahannock Academy and Military Institute (RA&MI) in 1847.

William Mahone taught at RA&MI from January 1848 until July 1849. It was as large as Virginia Military Institute by 1860.[citation needed] Subjects taught at the school included military science and uniform requirements. The American Civil War (1861 - 1865) disrupted the school's program and drew most of its students into service.

The historic Mount Church (built circa 1750) was given by the state of Virginia to the school.[2][3] Charles A. Lewis headed the school twice.[2]

The school and its property were sold off in 1873.[4]


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