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The Rapid Attack Identification Detection Reporting System, also known as RAIDRS is a ground-based space control system that provides near real-time event detection.


RAIDRS will be a family of systems being designed to detect, report, identify, locate, and classify attacks against military space assets. RAIDRS will include detection sensors, information processors, and a reporting architecture. The RAIDRS system will detect and report attacks on both ground and space-based elements of operational space systems. It will notify operators and users, and carry information to decision-makers

Block 10

  • Worldwide network of sensors; Centralized management
  • Detect, Identify, Characterize SATCOM EMI interference
  • Identify signal characteristics
  • Geo-locate SATCOM EMI interference
  • Report interference on blue space systems and/or services

Block 20

  • Commander’s decision support tool that provides Defensive Counterspace (DCS) attack assessment
  • Integrates and processes critical Space Situation Awareness (SSA) information to provide the integrated space picture that enables DCS operations
  • Multi-level distributed data fusion; Advanced visualization

Contract Information

The RAIDRS system is unique in the acquisitions process for being tailored to small businesses and utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software.

According to the Air Force budget, the service intends to spend about $16 million in 2005 on the RAIDRS program; $16.4 million in 2006; $12.1 million in 2007; $12.4 million in 2008; and $66.6 million in 2009.

Contractor: Integral Systems, Inc.


  • Peterson AFB, Colorado (2007–present) (Central Operating Location)


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