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The ranks and insignia of the German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, abbr. DRK) were the paramilitary rank system used by the national Red Cross Society in Germany during World War II.


Medics within the German Red Cross, would wear helmets with special decals with the Red Cross eagle. Likewise, were the belt buckle issued with the same eagle.[1][2]

Rank Insignia

Shoulder insignia[3] Name[4] Translation Heer equivalent
DRK-Generalhauptführer h.svg Generalhauptführer General Chief Leader Generalleutnant
DRK-Generalführer h.svg Generalführer General Leader Generalmajor
DRK-Oberstführer h.svg Oberstführer Colonel leader Oberst
DRK-Oberfeldführer h.svg Oberfeldführer Senior field leader Oberstleutnant
DRK-Feldführer h.svg Feldführer Field leader Major
None.svg Hauptführer Chief Leader Hauptmann
None.svg Oberwachführer Senior Watch Leader Oberleutnant
None.svg Wachführer Watch Leader Leutnant
DRK-Haupthelfer mit h.svg Haupthelfer mit Zugführer Prüfung Head Helper with Platoon Exam
DRK-Haupthelfer h.svg Haupthelfer Head Helper
DRK-Oberhelfer h.svg Oberhelfer Senior Helper
DRK-Vorhelfer mit h.svg Vorhelfer mit Gruppenführer Prüfung Front Helper with Group leader Exam
DRK-Vorhelfer h.svg Vorhelfer Front Helper
DRK-Anwärter h.svg Anwärter/Helfer Candidate/Helper

Nurse ranks

Nurses wearing German Red Cross uniforms

Collar insignia Name[5] Translation
None.svg Generalhauptführerin General Chief Leader
None.svg Generalführerin General Leader
None.svg Oberstführerin Colonel leader
None.svg Oberfeldführerin Senior field leader
None.svg Feldführerin Field leader
None.svg Hauptführerin Chief Leader
None.svg Oberwachführerin Senior Watch Leader
None.svg Wachführerin Watch Leader
None.svg Haupthelferin Head Helper
None.svg Oberhelferin Senior Helper
None.svg Vorhelferin Front Helper
None.svg Anwärter Candidate

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