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Manuscript of the Crònica by Ramon Muntaner.

Ramon Muntaner (Catalan pronunciation: [rəˈmom muntəˈne]) (c. 1270 – 1336 ) was a Catalan soldier and writer who wrote the Crònica, a chronicle of his life, including his adventures as a commander in the Catalan Company. He was born at Perelada.

The Catalan Company was an army of light infantry under the leadership of Roger de Flor that was made up of Aragonese and Catalan mercenaries, known as Almogavars; Roger led the Company to Constantinople to help the Greeks against the Turks.

Ramon Muntaner's Crònica is one of the four Catalan Grand Chronicles through which the historian views thirteenth- and fourteenth century military and political matters in the Crown of Aragon and Catalonia.[1]

He died at Ibiza in 1336.


  1. The other three sources are the autobiography of James I of Aragon, the chronicles of Bernard Desclot and the royal chronicle of Peter IV of Aragon.


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