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Ramat Gan bus 20 bombing
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The attack site
Location Jabotinsky Street, Ramat Gan, Israel
Date July 24, 1995
8:40 am (GMT+2)
Attack type
Suicide attack
Deaths 6 Israeli civilians (+ 1 suicide bomber)
Non-fatal injuries
30 Israeli civilians
Perpetrators Hamas claimed responsibility

The Ramat Gan bus bombing was a Hamas suicide attack on a crowded No. 20 commuter bus in Ramat Gan, Israel on July 24, 1995, near the Israel Diamond Exchange. Six Israelis were killed and 33 were wounded. The bomb contained 33 pounds of TNT packed into a metal pipe.[1]


  • Mordechai Tuvya, 38
  • Nechama Leibowitz, 61
  • Zehava Oren, 60
  • Rachel Tamari, 65
  • Moshe Shkedi, 75
  • Zvia Hacohen, 62.[2]

The perpetrators

Just after 9:00 A.M., a call came in to the Associated Press office in East Jerusalem claiming responsibility for the attack. The caller boasted that a youth from Hamas from the Yahya Ayyash group from the West Bank carried out the attack" [3]

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