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Rajagiri Fort
Part of Tamil Nadu
Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu, India
Type Forts
Coordinates Latitude: 12.24
Longitude: 79.395
Controlled by Government of Tamil Nadu

The Rajagiri Fort was built in 1200 AD. It is located in Rajagiri, meaning Kings Hill.[1] It is 1 km from Gingee Market. It is made up of saffron and black rock. Currently, the fort includes a magazine, gymnasium, palace site, audience hall, stable, clock tower, granary, treasury in Indo-Islamic style, store-house for grains and an elephant tank. In the West Entrance, Venu Gopalaswami Temple, Ranganath Temple of Vijayanagar Kings, Kalyan Mandap, Sadatulla Khan's Masjid (1717–18), Mahabbat Khan's masjid. Bath tubs with continuous supply of water, a huge cannon, belong to the temple on the top of the fort near Chakrakulam-Kunda (reservoir).


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