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Raid on Haverhill (1697)
Part of King William's War
DateMarch 15, 1697
LocationHaverhill, Province of Massachusetts Bay
Result French and native victory
 British colonists  French colonists
Commanders and leaders
Chief Nescambious
approximately 20
Casualties and losses
27 colonists were killed and 13 were taken captive unknown

The Raid on Haverhill was a military engagement that took place on March 15, 1697 during King William's War. French, Algonquin, and Abenaki warriors descended on Haverhill, then a small frontier community in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. In the surprise attack, the Abenaki killed 27 colonists and took 13 captive. The natives burned six homes. The raid became famous in the nineteenth century because of Hannah Dustin's captivity narrative as a result of the raid.[1]


Even after the war was officially ended, Abenaki raids on the English colonists continued. On March 4, 1698 Pigwacket Abenaki Chief, Escumbuit led a group of 30 Indians in a raid on Andover, Massachusetts, the last and most severe Indian raid on this town.


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