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Type Anti-tank rocket launcher[1]
Place of origin Russia
Production history
Designer State Research and Production Enterprise, Bazalt
Manufacturer State Research and Production Enterprise, Bazalt
Weight 12 kg (projectile)
Length 1200 mm

Caliber 125 mm
Action 1000+ mm: Rolled homogeneous armor
3000 mm: Brick
Effective range 300 m

The RPG-28 is a Russian handheld anti-tank rocket launcher.


The RPG-28 was unveiled in 2007 at IDEX Abu Dhabi by the State Research and Production Enterprise, Bazalt as a modern anti-tank rocket launcher designed to defeat modern and future tanks with advanced reactive and composite armour as well as fortified infantry.[1]


The RPG-28 shares a close resemblance with the RPG-27 in that it is a portable, disposable anti-tank rocket launcher with a single shot capacity. The RPG-28 has a larger diameter round than the RPG-27 which enables the RPG-28 to achieve higher armour penetration performance. The round is a 125-mm tandem shaped charge with a weight of 12-kg and a range of 200 meters. The round has a stated penetration capability in excess of 1000-mm RHA (after ERA) and 3000 mm of brick.[2]

RMG variant

The RMG is a smaller, multipurpose variant of the RPG-28 that is optimized for defeating light vehicles and infantry in cover. As a result, its penetration performance against tank armor is reduced.

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