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Tula State Museum of Weapons (79-58) (cropped) RPG-27.jpg
A RPG-27 rocket launcher on display at the Tula State Museum of Weapons
Type Disposable rocket launcher[1]
Place of origin Soviet Union/Russia
Service history
In service 1989
Used by Russia, Jordan
Production history
Designer State Research and Production Enterprise, Bazalt
Designed 1980s
Manufacturer State Research and Production Enterprise, Bazalt
Produced 1989
Variants RShG-1
Weight 7.6 kg
Length 1155 mm

Caliber 105 mm
Action 750 mm: RHA
650 mm: RHA after ERA
1500 mm: Reinforced concrete
3700 mm: Earth
Muzzle velocity 120 m/s
Effective range 200 m
Sights Iron sights

The RPG-27 is a Soviet disposable rocket launcher.


The RPG-27 Tavolga ('meadow grass') was developed by the State Research and Production Enterprise, Bazalt, as a modern anti-tank grenade launcher designed to defeat modern and future tanks with advanced reactive and composite armor as well as fortified infantry.[2] The RPG-27 was developed by the Soviet Union from the RPG-26.


The RPG-27 shares a close resemblance with the previous RPG-26 in that it is a man-portable, disposable anti-tank rocket launcher with a single shot capacity. The RPG-27 has a larger diameter round than the RPG-26 which enables the RPG-27 to achieve higher armour penetration performance. The RPG-27 fin stabilised round is a 105 mm tandem-charge HEAT warhead with a range of 200 meters. The round has a stated penetration capability in excess of 650 mm of RHA (after ERA) and 1500 mm of brick or concrete and 3700 mm of earth. The RShG-1 is very similar in operation to the RPG-27 but carries a thermobaric warhead with a lethal radius of 10 meters and a larger range of 600 meters.[3] Officially adopted by the Russian Government in December 2011.[4]

RMG variant

The RMG[5][6] is a smaller, multipurpose variant of the RShG-1 that is optimized for the bunker buster role and defeating light vehicles and infantry in cover. As a result, its penetration performance against tank armor is reduced.

The launcher carries a tandem warhead. The precursor high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead penetrates armour or other obstacles (reinforced concrete, masonry, etc.). The main warhead creates a fine explosive cloud and takes into the interior through the hole, pierced by the precursor charge. Detonation of the main warhead explosive boasts a multiple effects (high-explosive and incendiary).

The RMG rocket launcher ('RMG' stands for “Reaktivnaya Mnogotselevaya Granata” or rocket-propelled multi-purpose grenade) was developed by Bazalt in the early 2000s. As is the case with disposable anti-tank rocket launchers and multi-purpose assault weapons, the designation of the new rocket launcher is the designation of its round. The design project was supervised by leading designer S. Kh. Irtuganov.[7] Officially adopted by the Russian Government in December 2011.


Map with RPG-27 operators in blue and former operators in red

Current operators

  •  Jordan
  •  Russia

Former operators

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