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RNAS Caldale
RAF Caldale
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.pngEnsign of the Royal Air Force.svg
Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
Type Military - Airship station
Coordinates Latitude: 58.978
Longitude: 3.020
Built 1915 (1915)
In use July 1916-1920 (1920).[1]
Air Department 1915-1918
Air Ministry 1918-1920
Controlled by Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.png Royal Naval Air Service
 Royal Air Force
Battles/wars First World War

RNAS Caldale is a former Royal Naval Air Service airship station located 2.1 miles (3.4 km) west of Kirkwall, Orkney and 4.1 miles (6.6 km) south east of Finstown, Orkney, Scotland. It was constructed in 1915 and was operational from 1916 until 1920.


Caldale had two large airship hangars which housed Submarine Scout Pusher airships that operated anti-submarine and mine spotting sweeps near to Orkney.[2]

However this was fraught was danger as during November 1917 SSP-2 and SSP-4 were both destroyed in high winds with the crew of SSP-4 lost at sea. Not long after these losses and other damage caused to airships due to the wind the Admiralty decided to close the airship station and move the airship further south on mainland Britain.[3]

During January 1918 the airship station became a kite balloon repair station[3] and was home to No. 20 Kite Balloon Base.[1]

Current use[]

The site is currently open land.[1]

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