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The Berlin Airlift Squadron was a Royal Australian Air Force transport squadron formed to participate in the Berlin Airlift. The Australian contribution to the airlift, from September 1948, was designated Operation Pelican.[1]

It was formed at RAAF Richmond in August 1948 from Dakota crews drawn from No. 36 and No. 38 squadrons. In late August the crews travelled to the United Kingdom as passengers in Qantas flying boats.

After receiving training in the UK the aircrew moved to Lübeck, West Germany on 14 and 15 September, with the first Australian flight into Berlin occurring on 15 September.

Australian aircrew undertook Berlin Airlift missions until 26 August 1950, when the 2062nd and last flight was completed. The Berlin Airlift Squadron returned to Australia on 24 October 1949.


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