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Type Strategic SLBM
Service history
In service cancelled
Production history
Manufacturer designed by Makeyev Bureau

Engine solid fuel
>8,000 km

R-39UTTH "Bark"[1], NATO reporting name of SS-N-28, was a Russian submarine-launched ballistic missile. The missile was an upgraded version of the R-39 missile that was designed for the Typhoon class. The new missile was to be carried by the new Russian nuclear submarines of the Borei class. The third test launch of a prototype R-39M on 25 November 1998 resulted in a catastrophic failure of the SLBM's booster. The missile exploded roughly 200 meters after take-off from its ground-based launch facility. Having failed its first three test firings the project was ordered abandoned by the Russian Security Council. The missile was later replaced by the Bulava missile system.

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  1. UTTH means "Improved tactical and technical characteristics"

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