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Map of the R-2508 Complex.

The R-2508 Complex includes all the airspace and associated land presently used and managed by the three principal military activities in the Upper Mojave Desert region:

The R-2508 Complex is composed of internal restricted areas, Military Operations Areas (MOAs), Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace (ATCAAs) areas, and other special airspace.

Use of these areas include bombing ranges, supersonic corridors, low altitude high speed maneuvers, radar intercept areas, and refueling areas.

Restricted Areas

Restricted area R-2508 extends from FL200 upward to unlimited and is shared-use airspace. Individual restricted areas within the R-2508 Complex include R-2502N, R-2502E, R-2505, R-2506, R-2515, and R-2524. These internal restricted areas have vertical dimensions of surface to unlimited, except for R-2506, which extends from surface to 6,000 feet MSL. The internal restricted areas are "managed" by individual military agencies, which may release those areas-in their entirety or in part-by establishing an overflight altitude for FAA/Department of Defense joint use. The released airspace becomes part of the basic R-2508 Complex.

Other Airspace

Other airspace includes the Daggett Shelf and the R-2515 Golden Triangle.

The Daggett Shelf was established by a Letter of Agreement to provide the FAA relief control of IFR traffic through the Daggett/Hector corridor. The Daggett Shelf, along with Shoshone South ATCAA airspace, remains under LA ARTCC control until JOSHUA (the Edwards AFB TRACON) requests and receives control.

The Golden Triangle is a portion of R-2515 that extends north of the westerly extension of the southern boundary of R-2524.

The Trona Controlled Firing Area (CFA) is used for free flight weapon systems transiting from launch areas within R2505 to target areas within R2524 and from launch areas within R2524 to target areas within R2505. The CFA encompasses an area between R2505 and R2524. The Trona Corridor is used in conjunction with the Trona CFA for launching of free flight weapon systems between R2505 and R2524. The Corridor encompasses an area between R2505 and R2524.

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