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Type Tactical SRBM
Service history
In service 2011–present
Used by  Iran
Production history
Manufacturer  Iran
Weight 6155 kg
Length 10.6m
Diameter 0.88m

Warhead ~(700 kg or 1,500 lb)

Engine Liquid
750km [1]
Speed Unknown

Qiam 1 (Persian: قیام-١, meaning "Uprising-1") is an Iranian missile resembling Shahab-3 variations while according to photos, it is smaller than Shahab-3. It has been tested on 20 Aug 2010 and is claimed to have more chance to evade interception because unlike other Shahab variants, it does not have fins.[2]


On 20 August 2010, Iran announced that it has successfully test fired a new missile called Qiam-1. Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on state TV said that "the missile has new technical aspects and has a unique tactical capacity". He also stated that "Being a new class of Iranian missiles, Qiam 1 has been equipped with new technical specifications and exceptional tactical powers" and then noted "Qiam 1 is part of the new generation of the Islamic Republic's surface to surface missiles with liquid fuel and completely designed and built domestically".[3] But he didn't mention the range of the missile.[2]

The next day, 21 August 2010, Head of the Defense Ministry's Aerospace Industries Organization General Seyed Mehdi Farahi told Fars News Agency that "it is possible for Qiam-1 to be launched from various types of launchers". Then he added "that the range of Qiam differs in accordance with its mission, meaning that the missile can hit targets in different distances according to its mission plan.". He also said "that Qiam-1 is a radar-evading missile and that the time for preparing and launching the missile has been minimized."[3]

In 2011, Iranian defense minister Ahmad Vahidi announced that the missile is now being delivered to IRGC Air Force.[4]


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