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Other names
Isopropyl aminoethylmethyl phosphonite, O-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) O'-ethyl methylphosphonite
Abbreviations QL
ChemSpider 148925
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PubChem 170325
Molar mass 235.303
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Isopropyl aminoethylmethyl phosphonite (NATO designation QL), also known as O-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) O'-ethyl methylphosphonite, is a precursor chemical to the nerve agent VX.

Uses in chemical warfare

QL is a component in binary chemical weapons, mainly VX nerve agent.[1] It, along with Methylphosphonyl difluoride (DF), was developed during the 1980s in order to replace an aging stockpile of unitary chemical weapons.[1] QL is listed as a "Schedule One" chemical by the Chemical Weapons Convention.[2]


QL itself is relatively non-toxic chemical.[3] However, when reacted with sulfur, the corresponding sulphide of QL isomerizes into the highly toxic VX molecule.[1][3]


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