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Twin 4.7inch mounting

The 4.7 inch QF Mark XI was a 120mm naval gun used by the Royal Navy and Commonwealth during World War II. The gun remained in active service after the war with the Turkish and Polish Navy’s.


The 4.7 inch QF Mark XI gun was introduced as the main armament for the L and M class destroyers. It fired a 62 lb ( 28.12 kg) shell fired at 2538fps (774 m/s) to a maximum range of 21,240 yards (19,420m) at 45 degrees of elevation. The gun was multipurpose giving it the ability to engage both ground and air targets. Aboard the L and M class destroyers, the gun saw active service during World War II. Some L and M class destroyers were sold to the Turkish and Polish Navy’s and saw service after the war. Records show that the gun was still in service as late as 1970.

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