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QBZ-03 assault rifle
(Qing Buqiang Zidong)
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin  People's Republic of China
Service history
In service 2003 - present
Production history
Manufacturer China North Industries Corporation
Produced 2003—present
Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) (unloaded)
Length 950 mm (37 in) with stock extended, 725 mm (28.5 in) with stock folded

Cartridge 5.8x42mm DBP87,
5.56x45mm NATO
Action Gas-Operated, Rotating bolt
Rate of fire 650 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 930 m/s (3,050 ft/s)
Effective range 400m point target
Feed system 30-round box magazine
Sights Fixed Type 56 style front sight, flip-up diopter rear sight

The QBZ-03 assault rifle, also known as the Type 03, is a Chinese gas operated, selective-fire weapon and is the latest assault rifle designed and developed for the 5.8 x 42 mm DBP87 round.

Unlike the bullpup QBZ-95, the QBZ-03 is a weapon of conventional design and is loosely inspired by the Type 81 assault rifle.[citation needed] The weapon is designed to be easily used by soldiers already familiar with previously issued rifles and machine guns. The QBZ-03 has a two-piece receiver largely made up of forged aluminum alloy with the stock, pistol grip, and handguards being made of a polymer compound. The gas block has a two position regulator, one for firing standard ammunition, the other to allow the use of rifle grenades. The sights are of a hooded front sight with a flip up rear diopter sight similar to the American M16 rifle. A scope rail is available to allow the use of various optics. The QBZ-03 has seen some issue within the People's Armed Police, People's Liberation Army Marine Corps, People's Liberation Army Air Force Paratroopers, and second line PLA ground units. An export-aimed version of the QBZ-03 also exists, first introduced in 2005 by the joint CJAIE (China Jing-An Import-Export) and Jiang-She Group Companies. The export version is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and feeds by STANAG magazines. The cyclic rate on the issued model is semi-automatic or fully automatic only, while the export model has an integrated three round burst mode. The type's most notable public display was by the PLA Airforce Airborne Troops during the October 1st 2009 60th Anniversary Parade.


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