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A proving ground is the US name for a military installation or reservation where weapons or other military technology are experimented with or are tested, or where military tactics are tested. The usual British term is training area.

While these types of facilities are usually military or government establishments, some civilian industries have their own proving grounds for testing prototypes and new technologies.

Military and Government[]


United States[]

In the United States, there are several military facilities that are designated as Proving Grounds.



  • Allentsteig, Lower Austria (157 km²), largest training area in Austria
  • Bruckneudorf, Lower Austria
  • Glainach, Carinthia
  • Großmittel, Lower Austria
  • Hochfilzen, Tyrol
  • Marwiesen, Carinthia
  • Lizum-Walchen, Tyrol (50 km²)
  • Pöls, Styria.
  • Seetaler Alpen, Styria

Czech Republic[]

Military Area Boletice, Czech Republic

There are five proving grounds in the Czech Republic with the total area of 1296 km².



  • Bergen-Hohne Training Area, Lower Saxony (284 km²), NATO facility, largest training area in Germany.
  • Hammelburg, Bavaria (40 km²). Hammelburg features a complete artificial village for training purposes of the German Army
  • Hohenfels, Bavaria (160 km²) Hohenfels Training Area
  • Grafenwöhr, Bavaria (229 km²) a US facility
  • Munster Training Area, Lower Saxony.



  • Drawsko Pomorskie (340 km²) belongs to Polish Army and Air Force (since 1946), since 1996 also used by NATO. This facility is internationally known as DPTA - Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area. It is also an important site of archeological excavations.


  • Alcochete (75 km²) - artillery and air bombing range. Established in 1904, it belonged to the Portuguese Army until 1993 and since them, belongs to the Portuguese Air Force. It is the biggest closed military installation in Europe. It was chosen, in 2008, to be the site of the future New Lisbon International Airport.

United Kingdom[]

Russia/former Soviet Union[]

  • Kapustin Yar - aerial weapons/rocket test range, North Caucasus Military District
  • Totskoye range nuclear tests - test range in the Urals where nuclear tests were carried out in 1954
  • YakutiaChallenge - winter test proving ground in Yakutia, Eastern Siberia


  • (Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area) Shoalwater Bay, Queensland (4545 km²)

Civilian Facilities[]


  • Chrysler Corporation - See Chrysler Proving Grounds
  • Ford Motor Company - See Ford Proving Grounds
  • General Motors Corporation - See General Motors Proving Grounds
  • Mazda Motors Corporation - See Mazda Proving Grounds
  • Nissan Motors - See Nissan Proving Grounds

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