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PF 50 chain gun
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PF 50 in AUSA 2015
Type Chain gun
Place of origin USA
Production history
Manufacturer Profense, LLC
Produced 2015-present
Weight 34.47 kg (76.0 lb)
Length 1,524 millimetres (60.00 in)
Barrel length 802 millimetres (31.57 in)
Width 254 millimetres (10.00 in)
Height 225 millimetres (8.86 in)

Cartridge 12.7x99mm NATO
Caliber 12.7 mm (0.5 in)
Barrels 1
Action External electric power
Rate of fire Variable, 450/550 rpm with burst limiter, 650 rpm max
Feed system 12.7 mm NATO M9 linked ammunition belt
Sights Mount for optical sights provided

The Profense PF 50 is a 12.7 mm electrically driven (non gas-operated) chain gun produced by Profense LLC, with a maximum rate of fire of 650 rpm. This weapon is very similar to the M2HB machine gun, however it differs in operation system. It works with an electric motor as on the Bushmaster gun produced by ATK.[1] The Profense PF 50 features a digital, programmable, variable rate Gun Control Unit (GCU). It can also be configured to single shot sniper mode, with optical sight mount. It can be installed on helicopter, naval vessels, wheeled vehicles, unmanned vehicles, aircraft, and remotely operated weapon stations.[2]

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