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Prisoner of War Medal 1940–1945
Prisonner of War Medal 1940 45 Belgium.jpg
Prisoner of War Medal 1940–1945 (obverse)
Awarded by Flag of Belgium.svg Kingdom of Belgium
Type War medal
Eligibility Belgian soldiers
Awarded for Imprisonment by Axis Forces during World War II
Status No longer awarded
Established 20 October 1947

Reverse of the POW medal

File:Charles LS.JPG

Count Charles of Limburg Stirum, a recipient of the Prisoner of War Medal

The Prisoner of War Medal 1940–1945 (French language: Médaille du Prisonnier de Guerre 1940–1945, Dutch language: Krijgsgevangenenmedaille 1940–1945 ) was a Belgian war service medal established by royal decree on 20 October 1947 and awarded to all members of the Belgian Armed Forces imprisoned by Axis Forces during the Second World War.[1]

Award description

The Prisoner of War Medal 1940–1945 was a 38 mm in diameter circular bronze medal surmounted by a three dimensional 25 mm high royal crown mounted on a pin giving the entire assembly (medal and crown) a height of 64 mm. The obverse bore a broadsword pointing down superimposed over a Greek cross with slightly flared ends and bisecting the years "1940" and "1945" inscribed in relief on the lateral cross arms. Two triangular laurel leaves protrude from between the cross arms fanning out. A ring of barbed wire encircles the cross along the entire circumference 3mm from the medal's edge. The reverse bore a guard tower and prison camp fence surrounded by a chain along the entire circumference 3mm from the medal's edge.[1]

The medal was suspended by a ring through the crown's orb from a 37 mm wide black silk moiré ribbon with narrow longitudinal 1 mm red/black/yellow/black/red stripes 2 mm from the edges. Years of imprisonment were denoted on the ribbon by small striated metal bars.[1]

Notable recipients (partial list)

The individuals listed below were awarded the Prisoner of War Medal:[2]

  • Lieutenant General Albert Baron Crahay
  • Cavalry Lieutenant General Marcel Jooris
  • Lieutenant General Sir Louis Teysen
  • Lieutenant General Constant Weyns
  • Major General Maurice Jacmart
  • Cavalry Lieutenant General Sir Maximilien de Neve de Roden
  • Lieutenant General Alphonse Verstraete
  • Lieutenant General Baron Raoul de Hennin de Boussu-Walcourt
  • Lieutenant General Joseph Leroy
  • Lieutenant General Fernand Vanderhaeghen
  • Lieutenant General Robert Oor
  • Lieutenant General Libert Elie Thomas
  • Lieutenant General Léon Bievez
  • Major General Jean Buysse
  • Major General Paul Jacques
  • Aviator Major General Norbert Leboutte
  • Chaplain General Louis Kerremans
  • Count Pierre Harmel
  • Guy Cudell
  • Count Gatien du Parc Locmaria
  • Baron Gilbert Thibaut de Maisières
  • Count Charles of Limburg Stirum

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