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Presidential National Guard
Active December 14th, 1992 - present
Country Tajikistan
Branch Formerly part of the Tajik National Army, currently independent branch
Type National guard, special operations
Garrison/HQ Dushanbe
Engagements Tajik civil war
President of Tajikistan
Ceremonial chief Ghaffor Mirzoyev (until 2004)
Colonel Khudoiberdiyev

The Presidential National Guard, formerly called the Brigade of Special Mission and Presidential Guard, also called the National Guard, is the national guard of Tajikistan, under direct command of the President of Tajikistan. They share a similar task with the Tajik Internal Troops.


Formed on December 4, 1992, it was originally a special forces unit known as the Brigade of Special Mission during the 16th session of the Supreme Assembly of Tajikistan, under the Tajik Interior Ministry. During its first years, the Guard underwent serious testing, which earned the trust of the President and the people. It was the reason why the President changed it from the Special Mission to the Presidential National Guard.

Their primary task is ensuring public safety and security. Within two years, four additional units were formed in the towns of Chkalovsk, Kalinin, and Obigarm. They had a similar structure to the rest of the military. Worthy of note is the honesty that the National Guard has exhibited. The Rapid Reaction Force, also called the First Brigade, under Colonel Khudoiberdiyev, took part in the Tajik civil war, as part of the Guard and the regular Army. It became one of the most effective fighting units within the Army, but picked a fight with the 11th Brigade. They defeated the 11th, and attempted to take the capitol, but were defeated by another Guard unit and street thugs armed with AK-47s. The colonel and his men fled into Uzbekistan.

In 2004, the chief of the Guard (as well as head of the Drug Control Agency), Ghaffor Mirzoyev, was arrested for corruption and drug trafficking. On January 26, 2004, the Presidential Guard was transformed into the National Guard. During the inauguration of the President on November 18, 2006, the Guard received the honor of presenting the Tajik state symbols.[1]

A Mil Mi-8 of the Guard crashed on October 6, 2010, close to Ezgand and Tavildara. The helicopter was caught in power lines while attempting to land, causing it to crash, leaving no survivors. It is Tajikistan's worst aviation accident since 1997.[2]


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