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Political Prisoner's Medal 1914–1918
Médaille du Prisonnier Politique 1914-1918.jpg
Political Prisoner's Medal 1914–1918 (obverse)
Awarded by Flag of Belgium.svg Kingdom of Belgium
Type War medal
Eligibility Belgian citizens
Awarded for Detention by the Germans following an act of courage or devotion towards the Allies' cause
Status No longer awarded
Established 26 December 1930

Reverse of the Medal

The Political Prisoner's Medal 1914–1918 (Dutch language: Medaille van de Politieke Gevangene 1914–1918

French language: Médaille du Prisonnier Politique 1914–1918) was a Belgian medal established by royal decree on 26 December 1930 and awarded to Belgian civilians who were detained for a minimum of one month by the Germans during the First World War following an act of courage or devotion towards the Allies' cause.[1]

Recipients of this medal automatically received the 1914-1918 Commemorative War Medal and the Inter-Allied Victory Medal 1914–1918.[1]

Award Description

The Political Prisoner's Medal 1914–1918 was identical to the King Albert Medal except for the ribbon. It was a 35mm in diameter circular bronze medal. Its obverse bore a 25mm in diameter central medallion bearing the left profile of King Albert I with the inscription in French or in Dutch "ALBERT KING OF THE BELGIANS" (French language: "ALBERT ROI DES BELGES") (Dutch language: "ALBERT KONING DER BELGEN" ) surrounded by a 5mm wide laurel wreath along the entire medal circumference. On the reverse of the central medallion, the relief inscription on four lines in French or in Dutch "IN TESTIMONY OF NATIONAL RECOGNITION" (French language: "EN TEMOIGNAGE DE RECONNAISSANCE NATIONALE") (Dutch language: "ALS BLIJK VAN'S LANDS ERKENTELIJKHEID" ) with the years "1914–1918" at the bottom.[1]

The medal was suspended by a ring through a suspension loop from a 38mm wide light blue silk moiré ribbon bearing a single 4.5mm high horizontal central stripe in the national colours of Belgium (1.5mm red, 1.5mm yellow and 1.5mm black).[1]

Notable recipients (Partial list)

The individuals listed below were awarded the Political Prisoner's Medal:[2]

  • Aviator Major General Norbert Leboutte

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