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Polish Air Force Academy [1]
WSOSP Dęblin logo
Motto Pro Patria Semper
Established 1927
Type Military academy
Commendant Lt. Gen. Pil. Dr. Jan Rajchel
Location Dęblin, Poland
Campus Deblin AFB
Nickname School of Eagles

The Polish Air Force Academy (Polish: Wyższa Szkoła Oficerska Sił Powietrznych) is located in Deblin, eastern Poland. The Air Force Academy is an accredited university for the undergraduate education of officers for the Polish Air Force. It was established in the interwar period in 1927.


PZL-130 Orlik 1

PZL-130 Orlik

The cadets undergo training in one of the following specialties:

  • Jet Fighter Pilot
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Navigator
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aircraft Maintenance


Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
TS-11 Flag of Poland Poland Trainer TS-11 bis D
TS-11 bis DF
TS-11 MR
54 Turbojet
PZL-130 Orlik Flag of Poland Poland Trainer 28 Turboprop
PZL SW-4 Puszczyk Flag of Poland Poland Light Helicopter 7 13 on order
Mi-2 Flag of Poland Poland / Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union Utility Helicopter 16 Superseded by PZL SW-4

Many other aircraft visit Deblin Air Force Base on daily basis. Aircraft such as: Mig-29, F-16, PZL W-3 Sokół, C-295 and many others.


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Coordinates: 51°33′27″N 21°51′35″E / 51.5575°N 21.85972°E / 51.5575; 21.85972

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