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Polícia Aérea
Air Police
Country Portugal
Branch Air Force
Type Military police

The Polícia Aérea (PA) (Air Police) are the Military Police of the Portuguese Air Force. The primary mission of the Air Police is to guarantee the security and immediate defense of the Air Force units in the Portuguese territory. Outside the national territory, it exerts its mission of supporting the air units detachments or of independent air means. Other missions include:[citation needed]

  • Protection and defense of the Air Force's infrastructures, material and personnel;
  • Detection and inactivation of explosive devices;
  • Combat search and rescue;
  • Force protection of PoAF personnel and aircraft.


The Air Police is an Arm of its own inside the Air Force, and each PoAF base unit has, normally, one Police Post organized in the following way:[citation needed]

  • Command;
  • Operational Squad,
    • Instruction Sector,
    • Field Fire Range,
    • Criminal Investigation teams;
  • Support Squad,
    • Identification and Control Sector,
    • Equipment and Material Sector,
    • Armament Section;


Current units

  • Unidade de Protecção de Força (UPF) (Force Protection Unit) — Force protection, VIP protection, and combat search and rescue unit, as well as other possible classified actions.[1][2]

Former units

RESCOM badge

  • Resgate em Combate (RESCOM) — Combat search and rescue unit. Disbanded in 2006.[2]




Anti-air artillery


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