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Podpolkovnik (Russian: подполковник, Ukrainian language: підполковник , Polish language: podpułkownik

literarily sub-colonel) is a military rank in Slavic countries which corresponds to a lieutenant colonel in English-speaking states. Usually this word is translated as lieutenant colonel, however the transliteration is also in common usage, for the sake of the historical context.

The exact name of this rank maintains a variety of spellings in different languages:

  • Bulgaria — πодполковник
  • Czech Republicpodplukovník
  • Georgiavitse-polkovniki
  • Macedonia - Потполковник (potpolkovnik)
  • Poland — podpułkownik
  • Russiaподполковник
  • Serbia — Потпуковник
  • Slovenia — podpolkovnik
  • Slovakia — podplukovník
  • Ukraine — підполковник

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