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Pindad SS3

Pindad SS3 also formerly known as Pindad SS2000 rifle or affectionally called the Pasopati the name is sometimes confused but in an article in the Commando Magazine it is confirmed that this Bullpup Rifle is actually named Pindad SS3. the rifle is a Bullpup variant of the Pindad SS series rifle made by PT Pindad the rifle uses 5,56x45mm NATO round. Currently the rifle is in the Final Prototype Stage & it is not used by the Military or Law Enforcement in Indonesia.

The SS3 is rumored to be the succesor for the Pindad SS2 but it is not true.


  • Type: Bullpup Rifle
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Cartridge: 5,56x45mm NATO
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds


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