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Pindad APR-1V
Asistensi teknik pemeriksaan panser APR-1 v1 Kikav 8 Kostrad.jpg
Front view of APR-1V
Type Armoured car, APC
Place of origin Indonesia Indonesia
Service history
Used by Indonesian Army
Mobile Brigade Corps
Wars Insurgency in Aceh
Production history
Designer PT Pindad
Designed 1999
Manufacturer PT Pindad
Produced 2002-?
Number built 40+
Weight 5.2 tons combat weight
Crew 2 crew + 10 soldiers

Pindad APR-1V, APR-1V, or simply APR-1, also known as APR1V1[1] (Angkut Personel Ringan; English: Light Personnel Carrier) is an armoured personnel carrier made by PT Pindad of Indonesia. This vehicle is the first production model in a series of Pindad's APC which began from a variant that uses 4x4 wheel drive and later developed into APS-1 and APS-2 with 6x4 wheels drive and then redeveloped into APS-3 Anoa with 6x6 drive.


The development of the APC started when Pindad assembled the British-made Scorpion tank. After that, Pindad made a water cannon vehicle and a 4x4 light personnel carrier (APR1-V1) to be used by the TNI and Brimob.

In 2002, PT Pindad produced the 4x4 APR using Isuzu's frame and 120PS engine.[2] This is continued in 2004 - 2005 by cooperating with BPPT to produce a 4x4 APS (Medium Personnel Carrier) prototype.[1] The development was then continued by developing armoured vehicles whose components developed indigenously by making a prototype of 6x6 wheeled armoured vehicle using a Perkasa truck undercarriage, including a 220 PS engine and a transmission produced by PT Texmaco.[2]

This prototype became the starting point for PT Pindad in developing a 6x6 armoured vehicle with a monocoque body, independent wheel drive and suspension system according to TNI specifications.[2]


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