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The Philippine Department (Philippine Garrison -- The Battling Bastards of Bataan) was a regular US Army unit, defeated in the Philippines, during World War II. The mission of the Philippine Department was to defend the Philippine Islands and train the Philippine Army. During World War II, on April 9, 1942, the unit surrendered to the Japanese.

The Department and its sub-units were predominantly under the command of American officers, including an American general, while the majority of the troops were enlisted Filipinos, known as the Philippine Scouts (PS).

The primary force of this Department was the Philippine Division. Of the 22,532 troops, 10,473 were members of the Philippine Division itself.

Patch of the Philippine Department

caption=Philippine Command Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

All units of the Department wore the Philippine Department shoulder sleeve insignia, with the exception of the Philippine Division, which wore their own patch: a golden carabao on a red shield.

Officially, the Philippine Department’s insignia featured the Philippine Sea Lion, in white, superimposed on a blue oval with a height of 2.5 inches. The Sea Lion is derived from the coat of arms of Manila. The Philippine Department and Philippine Division insignia were both approved on July 8, 1922.

Commanders of the Philippine Department


This unit was formally organized in 1913 and, on July 26, 1941, was attached to US Army Forces - Far East (USAFFE). Following the creation of USAFFE, the Philippine Department became, in effect, a corps area service command. Tactical command was thenceforth under USAFFE's control.

At the time of USAFFE's formation the unit consisted of 22,532 troops. Of the 1,340 officers, 775 were reservists. 7,293 troops were assigned to the infantry and 4,967 were assigned to the Harbor Defenses of Manila and Subic Bays. ~2,500 troops served in a service or supply position, mainly quartermaster or medical units. The majority of the department's troops were stationed on Luzon.

US Army Troops - Philippines -- July 31, 1941

Total Strength: 22,532 (1,434 officers, 21,098 enlisted, including 11,937 Philippine Scouts)

The Philippine Department in 1914

General Headquarters:


Casualty count

Ref: American Battlefield Monuments Commission

  • {For reference only. PS=Philippine Scouts}

Philippine Forces

Unit 1941-1945 1946
1st Training Squadron
1st Philippine Coast Artillery Regt 1
2nd Philippine Coast Artillery 5 1
1st Philippine Regular Division:
• 1st Philippine Infantry Regiment
• 2nd Philippine Infantry Regiment
• 3rd Philippine Infantry Regiment 3
2nd Philippine Division (Philippine Constabulary):
• 1st Regiment Philippine Constabulary
• 2nd Regiment Philippine Constabulary
• 3rd Regiment Philippine Constabulary
• 4th Regiment Philippine Constabulary
• 4th Veterinary Company (PS). 5
5th Photo Detachment
6th Pursuit Squadron 1
9th Observation Squadron
10th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
1st Philippine Division:
• 11th Infantry Regiment
• 12th Infantry Regiment 2
• 13th Infantry Regiment
12th Ordnance Company (PS) 45
12th Signal Regiment (PS)
12th Signal Company (PS) 77
12th Medical Regiment(PS) 13
12th Medical Battalion(PS) 12
12th Military Police Company (PS) 40
12th Quartermaster Regiment (PS) 90
12th Quartermaster Battalion(PS) 73
14th Engineer Regiment (PS) 324
21st Philippine Division 1
• 21st Engineer Battalion 2
21st Field Artillery Regiment 3
• 21st Infantry Regiment 3
• 22nd Infantry Regiment 3
• 23rd Infantry Regiment 3
23rd Field Artillery Regiment (PS). 161
24th Field Artillery Regiment (PS) 310
25th Field Artillery Regiment
26th Cavalry Regiment (PS) 264 37
26th Infantry Regiment (PS) 1
31st Philippine Division:
31st Engineer Battalion 1
• 31st Field Artillery Regiment 2
• 31st Infantry Regiment 6
• 32nd Infantry regiment 3
34th Quartermaster Co (PS) 6 2
41st Philippine Division:
• {General Officers} 1
• 41st Engineer Battalion 1
• 41st Infantry Regiment 5 1
• 42nd Infantry Regiment 4
43rd Infantry Regiment (PS) 28 3
45th Infantry Regiment (PS) 983 58
• 47th Infantry Regiment (Provisional) 1
47th Motor Transport Co 1
51st Philippine Division:
• 51st Field Artillery Regiment 4
• 51st Infantry Regiment 4
• 52nd Infantry Regiment 4
• 53rd Infantry Regiment 4
• 54th Infantry Regiment (Provisional) 1
• 57th Infantry Regiment (PS) 878 105
59th Coast Artillery Regiment 1
61st Philippine Division:
• 61st Field Artillery Regiment 3
• 62nd Infantry Regiment 4
• 63rd Infantry Regiment 1
65th Quartermaster Troops {PS} 18
66th Quartermaster Troops {PS} 18 3
71st Philippine Division:
• 71st Engineer Battalion 10
• 71st Field Artillery Regiment 1
• 71st Infantry Regiment 2
• 72nd Infantry Regiment 6
• 73rd Infantry Regiment. 3
• 75th Infantry Regiment (Provisional) 1
74th Philippine Infantry Regiment (Provisional) 1
74th Quartermaster Baking Co {PS} 17
76th Ordnance Company
81st Philippine Division:
• 86th Field Artillery Battalion (PS) 154 7
• 86th Field Artillery Regiment (PS) 8
• 88th Field Artillery Battalion (PS) 3
• 88th Field Artillery Regiment (PS) 175 13
91st Philippine Division:
• 91st Infantry Regiment 1
91st Coast Artillery Regiment(PS) 198 5
92nd Coast Artillery Regiment(PS) 191 9
101st Philippine Division:
102 Philippine Division:
120th Ordnance Company (PS) 1
252nd Signal Const. Com. (PS) 44
Special Troops

US Army forces

Unit 1941-1945 1946
4th Chemical Co (Aviation) 35
US 4th Composite Group
6th Field Artillery Regiment
U.S. 20th Air Base Group
• 27th Air Material Squadron 73 2
• 28th Air Material Squadron 90 2
• 19th Air Base Squadron 1
28th Bomber Squadron 124 8
US 31st Infantry Regiment 914 24
50th Coast Artillery Regiment 7
59th Coast Artillery Regiment 307 6 (+1, 1948)
60th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment 387 3
75th Ordnance Deport Company 3
75th Ordnance Company 35
192nd Tank Battalion 188 1
194th Tank Battalion 183
200th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment 374
515th Coastal Artillery 206 1
803rd Engineer Aviation Battalion 232
808th Military Police Company 89 1

US Navy and USMC

Type Navy USMC
KIA 337 89
Wounded died later 2
Died POW 630 413
Invalided from Service 3 1
Source: "US Navy and Marine Corps Personnel Casualties in World War II". Naval Historical Center. 
Note: Marines were 4th Marines[1][2]

US Navy casualties/losses

Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three:
• PT-34: 2 killed 3 wounded
Houston (CA-30) : 693 fatalities
USS Asheville (PG-21): 160 fatalities {No survivors by Wars end}
USS Oahu (PR-6): 55 fatalities {No Survivors}

US Merchant Marine casualties - Philippines 1941)

See "Chronological List of U.S. Ships Sunk or Damaged 1939 to 1941". 

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