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Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary
Kapanalig ng Tanod Baybayin ng Pilipinas
Auxiliaria de Guardia Costera del Filipinas
File:Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit Seal.jpg
Coat of Arms of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary
Founded February 9, 1972
Country Philippines Philippines
Branch Coast Guard
Type File:Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit Seal.jpg Coast Guard Auxiliary
Role Maritime Safety, Maritime Search & Rescue, Maritime Environmental Protection, Maritime Community Relations
Size 1000+ Auxiliary Officers and Auxiliarists
Part of Philippine Coast Guard
Garrison/HQ Bay Terminal, CCP Complex, Pasay
Nickname(s) PCGA
Motto(s) "Assisting the Philippine Coast Guard in promoting safety of life and property at sea, protection of the marine environment, and other humanitarian activities."
March PCGA Hymn
Mascot(s) Dolphin
Anniversaries February 9
Decorations Streamer PPUC.PNG
Philippine Coast Guard Commandant Unit Citation Streamer
National Auxiliary Director US-O9 insignia.svg VADM BEETHOVEN N. SUR, PCGA

Rescue boat and personnel of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary at the 2013 Paraw Regatta, Iloilo City

Pump boat of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary at the 2013 Paraw Regatta, Iloilo City

The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) (Filipino: Kapanalig ng Tanod Baybayin ng Pilipinas) is a maritime non-government organization operating under the Department of Transportation and Communications of the Philippines specifically under the Philippine Coast Guard.

The PCGA is involved in the assisted enforcement of maritime laws in the country, especially the promotion of Maritime Safety. It is also involved in maritime search and rescue (SAR) missions, as well as the protection of the marine environment. It maintains a presence throughout the archipelago, with 12 Coast Guard Auxiliary districts.

The new Philippine Coast Guard Act of 2009, otherwise known as Republic Act 9993, legalized the existence of the PCGA as a full partner agency operating under the Philippine Coast Guard.

Administrative and Operational control of the PCGA fall under the Commandant of the Coast Guard through the Vice Commandant for Operations.

As a Coast Guard Reserve Force

Since the separation of the Philippine Coast Guard from the Philippine Navy, it technically lost its access to the vast pool of reservists that the Navy have in its control.

Due to the lack of a stable reserve force, the Philippine Coast Guard activates some of the Auxiliarists of the PCGA to serve positions and functions within the institution which is usually filled out by members of the Reserve Force in the Philippine Military.


Maritime Safety

The PCGA ably assists the Philippine Coast Guard in developing Aids to Navigation. It provides a handful of officers to assist with Port Security and Port State Control tasks. It is currently assigned to the Philippine Coast Guard by the new Coast Guard Law of 2009.

Maritime Search & Rescue

With a variety of skilled individuals at its disposal, including medical and engineering professionals, the PCGA can respond to various types of emergencies. Whether by water, land, and air, the PCGA has assets readily available for the use of its members or when requested by the Philippine Coast Guard to assist ongoing rescue operations.

Marine Environmental Protection

As an auxiliary unit of the Philippine Coast Guard, the PCGA is mandated to conduct and promote Environmental Protection and Awareness. In complying with the mandate, the PCGA has conducted various clean-up operations, mangrove reforestation, marine life preservation operations in various coastal regions in the Philippines.

Maritime Community Relations

The PCGA ably assists the Philippine Coast Guard in building strong relationships, particularly with coastal communities, to further strengthen the bond between them, as well as to further involve the communities with the mission task of the Philippine Coast Guard in promoting safer ships, safekeeping properties, and establishing a safer life at sea. Youth development in the form of Sea Scouts, established together with the Boy & Girl Scouts of the Philippines, is one of the primary projects of the PCG and PCGA.

Organizational Structure

The current PCGA organizational setup is divided into four (4) line-command groups and four (4) Support Command Groups

Command and Line Group

  • National Auxiliary Main Office
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Squadron
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Division

Support Groups

  • Maritime Safety Support Group (MARSAF)
  • Maritime Search & Rescue Support Group (MARSAR)
  • Marine Environmental ProtectionSupport Group (MAREP)
  • Maritime Community Relations Support Group (MCOMREL)

Coast Guard Auxiliary Districts

With the organizational restructuring made by the Philippine Coast Guard on the current number of CG Districts, the PCGA readjusted the Auxiliary Districts and realigned it with the current CG District Organizational Structure.

Currently there are 12 Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Districts namely:

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District National Capital Region-Central Luzon (CGAD NCR-CL)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District North Eastern Luzon (CGAD NELZN)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District North Western Luzon (CGAD NWLZN)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District Southern Tagalog (CGAD ST)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District Bicol (CGAD BCL)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District Palawan (CGAD PAL)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District Eastern Visayas (CGAD EV)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District Western Visayas (CGAD WV)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District Central Visayas (CGAD CV)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District Northern Mindanao (CGAD NM)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District South Eastern Mindanao (CGAD SEM)
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary District South Western Mindanao (CGAD SWM)

Coast Guard Auxiliary Commissioned Officer and NCO Ranks

Unlike the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the PCGA being a paramilitary organization uses the ranks and insignia of the Philippine Coast Guard. This establishes communal respect and seniority lineage among its members.

However, unlike the regular Coast Guard, only 4 enlisted ranks are used.

Commissioned Officers

Enlisted Personnel

  • Auxiliarist First Class (AUX1)
  • Auxiliarist Second Class (AUX2)
  • Auxiliarist Third Class (AUX3)
  • Auxiliarist Fourth Class (AUX4)

Former Rank Insignia of the Coast Guard Auxiliary

Coast Guard Auxiliary Awards and Decorations

To recognize Unit and Individual achievements made by its members; the PCGA, with the guidance of the PCG, adopted a system of awards and decorations.[1]

PCGA Decorations

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Outstanding Achievement Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Distinguished Service Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Merit Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Search and Rescue Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Commendation Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Civic-Action Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Red Cross Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Good Conduct Medal

PCGA Service Medals & Ribbons

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Long Service Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Anti-Marine Pollution Campaign Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Operations Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary National Convention Medal
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary International Convention Medal
  • United Nations Service Medal for Korea Ribbon.svg Coast Guard Auxiliary World Clean-up Day Campaign Medal

PCGA Unit Decorations

  • CT Selected Reserve Force Medal.PNG Philippine Coast Guard Commandant Unit Citation Ribbon
  • US Navy Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon.png National Director PCGA Unit Citation Ribbon

PCGA Badges

PCGA Plaques

  • Dolphin Service Recognition Plaque

Other Forms of Awards

  • Letter of Commendation
  • Certificate of Commendation
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Certificate of Recognition

Coast Guard Auxiliary Uniforms

The PCGA officers and members have the distinction and privilege of wearing uniforms, the designs of which are based on PCG uniforms converted for the Auxiliary. Having descended from a military heritage, the uniforms are steeped in tradition and should be worn properly, proudly, in accordance with the dignity of the office it represents.[2]

General Office Uniforms

  • Service Dress Blue (Alpha)
  • Service Dress Blue (Bravo)

Formal Dress Uniforms

  • Officer's Mess Uniform

Field Uniforms

  • Working Blue
  • Search & Rescue (SAR) Uniform

Coast Guard Auxiliary National Directors


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