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Hans-Adam Otto von Heydebreck, called Peter von Heydebreck (1 July 1889, Köslin – 30 June 1934, Stadelheim Prison) was a German Freikorps- and SA leader, member of the Reichstag and a national socialist.

Heydebreck served as an officer in the German Army in World War I. During the German revolution of November, 1918, he founded the Freikorps named after him.

During the Third Silesian Uprising in 1921, his troops were foremost in the reconquest of the low mountain at the center of the Battle of Annaberg, gaining Von Heydebreck the epithet of "the Hero of Annaberg".

He made a career for himself in the Nazi party, but, during the Röhm-Putsch in 1934, he was brought to Stadelheim Prison and killed by the SS, becoming one of the victims of the Night of the Long Knives.


3 months before his death the city of Kedzierzyn was renamed on his name. The renaming was only reverted in 1945; the Nazi's kept the name despite he was victim of the regime.

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