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Peter Vitus von Quosdanovich
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Peter Vitus von Quosdanovich
Born 12 June 1738 (1738-06-12)
Died 13 August 1802 (1802-08-14) (aged 64)
Place of birth Sichelberg (Žumberak), modern-day Croatia
Place of death Vienna, Austria
Allegiance Habsburg Monarchy Habsburg Austria
Years of service 1752-1797
Rank Feldmarschall-Leutnant
Awards Military Order of Maria Theresa, Knight (1779), Commander (1795)

Peter Vitus Freiherr von Quosdanovich (12 June 1738 – 13 August 1802) was a general of the Austrian Empire. Feldmarschall-Lieutenant and Commander of the Order of Maria Theresa. He played a major role in several battles against the French Army of Italy led by Napoleon during the French Revolutionary Wars.

Early years

Petar Vid Gvozdanović was born in Žumberak (Sichelburg) in modern-day Croatia, and joined the Varaždin Grenz Hussar Regiment # 41 in 1752. He fought in the Seven Years' War. He distinguished himself in the War of the Bavarian Succession of 1778-9. He was promoted to colonel of the Slavonian Hussar regiment and decorated with the Knight's Cross of the Military Order of Maria Theresa. He fought during the Austro–Turkish War (1787–1791), becoming a General-Major and taking over the command of Alt Gradisca.

Wars with France

During the War of the First Coalition Quosdanovich first commanded a brigade, then a division. At the crucial defeat at Fleurus he commanded the second column. On 24 September 1795, while leading a division, he scored an impressive victory over two French divisions at the Battle of Handschuhsheim (now a district of Heidelberg). In July 1796 he transferred to Italy, where he led a corps under Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser and József Alvinczi in four attempts to break the French Siege of Mantua. In the first, he lost the Battle of Lonato after a complicated series of maneuvers between 29 July and 4 August 1796. During the second relief, he participated in the Battle of Bassano on 8 September, but avoided being trapped in Mantua with Wurmser. In the third relief of Mantua he led the Friaul Corps in the Second Battle of Bassano and the Battle of Arcole. He led two brigades at the crucial Battle of Rivoli.[1][2][3] He retired from the army in 1797 and died at Vienna on 13 August 1802.[4]


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