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Naval Academy of Peru
Established 1657
Type Naval School
Director Rear Admiral David Rafael ALVA Olavarría
Location La Punta, Callao,, Peru
Affiliations Peruvian Navy
Website Escuela Naval del Perú

The Naval Academy of Peru (Spanish language: Escuela Naval del Perú ) is the institution in charge of the undergraduate education of officers of the Peruvian Navy. It is located at La Punta, Callao, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Its current director is Rear Admiral David Rafael ALVA Olavarría.


To be admitted, candidates must be Peruvian, between sixteen and twenty years of age upon entrance, unmarried with no children, physically and mentally in good health, height over 1.60 m (females) or over 1.65 m (males), with a complete secondary education and of no political affiliation.[1] The admission procedure includes academic, knowledge, medical, physical and psychological exams as well as a personal interview of the candidate by a board of Admirals and high-ranking officers headed by the Director of the Academy.


The following are the main buildings of the Escuela Naval:[2]

  • Edificio Grau: provides housing for the cadets.
  • Edificio Guise: library, media center, conference room, classrooms and laboratories.
  • Edificio Ferré: Director's office and several administrative offices.
  • Edificio Aguirre: officers' berths and mess.
  • Edificio Unanue: non-commissioned officers (enlisted) berths.
  • Gimnasio Pardon: gym with facilities for the practice of sports such as ball$2$3, fencing, martial arts, swimming and ball$2$3.
  • Casa de Botes Scarletich: storage for rowing, sailing and scuba diving equipment.
  • Auditórium De Izcue y Runciman: available for the presentation of films, plays and other presentations.


The Escuela Naval del Perú has its precedents in the Escuela Náutica (Nautical School) established at Lima by Viceroy Luis Enrique de Guzmán, Count of Alba de Liste in 1657.[3] This institution closed in 1709 and was superseded by the Academia Real Náutica de Lima (Royal Nautical Academy of Lima) which opened its doors in 1794 under the sponsorship of Viceroy Francisco Gil de Taboada y Lemos. The Academy was closed by the War of Independence in July, 1821 but it was reopened on 1826 as Escuela Central de Marina (Central Naval School). During the 19th century the School changed locations several times until its closure at the outbreak of the War of the Pacific (1879-1883). Labors resumed in 1888 as Escuela Naval del Perú but a permanent location was not obtained until 1915 when the construction of the current campus at La Punta ended. Installations were destroyed by an earthquake in 1974, the rebuilding process lasting up to 1981. Admission for women at the school has been allowed since 1998.

The Battalion of the Corps of Cadets "Battle of Angamos"=

The cadets of the Naval school are organized into the "Battle of Angamos" Cadet Battalion, divided into 4 companies and the Casma Cadet Band.

  • 1st Company "Abtao"
  • 2nd Company "May 2nd"
  • 3rd Company "Pacocha"
  • 4th Company "Iquique"
  • Casma Cadet Band


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