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Peruvian Naval Aviation
(Fuerza de Aviacion Naval)
Active 1919 - today
Country  Peru
Type Naval aviation
Part of Peruvian Navy
Motto(s) Non deserit alta
Anniversaries December 9
Vice Admiral José Luís Gavidia Arrascue
Aircraft flown
Attack helicopter Agusta ASH-3D
Agusta-Bell AB-212ASW
Bell 206B
Utility helicopter

Bell UH-3H

Mil Mi-8T
Patrol Fokker 60 MPA
Beechcraft 200T Super King Air
Fokker F-27-200
Trainer Beechcraft T-34C-1
Enstrom F-28F

Fokker 60 UTA

Antonov An-32B
Beechcraft 200T Super King Air
Cessna 206 Stationair
de Havilland Canada DHC-6

The Peruvian Naval Aviation (Spanish language: Fuerza de Aviación Naval ) is the air branch of the Peruvian Navy. It was originally formed in 1919 as the Naval Aviators Corps (Cuerpo de Aviadores Navales) but was merged in 1932 with the Peruvian Army Aviation. The service was recreated under its current name on July 3, 1963. It is currently made up of three operational squadrons and the Naval Aviation School (Escuela de Aviación Naval). The squadrons are distributed among three bases: Lima-Callao, which is part of Lima's Jorge Chávez International Airport, San Juan de Marcona and Pucallpa.


Grupo Aeronaval No.1
Escuadrón de Instrucción

Training squadron based at San Juan de Marcona.

Escuadrón de Exploración

Reconnaissance and maritime surveillance squadron.

Escuadrón de Transporte

Transport squadron.

Escuadrón de Ataque

Attack squadron, based at Lima-Callao and naval units.


Aircraft Origin Type Version In service Notes
Maritime patrol aircraft
Beechcraft Super King Air United States maritime surveillance aircraft B200T 4 equipped with surface-search radar and cameras for coastal surveillance and EEZ duties, the entire fleet received a complete upgrade of sensors and systems, finished in December 2010[citation needed]
Fokker F27  Netherlands maritime patrol aircraft F27-200 1 used by the Peruvian Coast Guard[1]
Fokker 60  Netherlands maritime patrol aircraft Fokker 60 MPA 2 two aircraft acquired on February 23, 2010,[2] delivered on June 8, 2010.[3] equipped with surface-search radar and electronic countermeasures.
Enstrom F-28 United States training helicopter F-28F 6[4] Six acquired in January, 2008; all delivered before July. One lost in a training accident on July 9, 2009. Additional one acquired in 2010 for US$ 506,000.[5]
Bell 206 JetRanger United States training helicopter Bell 206B 2 at least four acquired since 1982 from U.S.; one crashed in April 2002. Remaining 2 units receive a Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) in February 2012, as a part of the NVIS upgrade program for the aircraft fleet, which includes cockpit modifications, NGV googles and training.[6]
Bell 212  Italy OTHT / ASW helicopter AB‑212ASW 5 six transferred from Italy in 1976.
two upgraded with RDR-1700B ISAR radars in 2009.
Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King  Italy ASuW / ASW helicopter ASH-3D 3 four delivered in 1978, two in 1979, and four ordered in 1984; deliveries of only the first six confirmed. All but first four virtually identical in capability to Italian ASH-3Hs; equipped to carry AM 39 Exocet anti-ship missiles.
Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King United States SAR helicopter UH-3H 2+4 six acquired from the US Foreign Military Sales program along with 12 GE T58-GE-40 engines for US$ 6 millions. First two delivered in December, 2010.[7]
Mil Mi-8  Russia transport helicopter Mi-8T 2 four acquired from Hungary in 1992.
one damaged beyond repair in a crash during the rescue operations near Pisco after the 2007 Peru earthquake.
Trainer Aircraft
Beechcraft T-34 Mentor United States training aircraft T-34C-1 5 six purchased in 1978; replaced surviving T-34As.
Utility Aircraft
Fokker 60  Netherlands utility aircraft Fokker 60 UTA 2 two aircraft and spare parts kit acquired on September 23, 2010[8]
Antonov An-32  Ukraine transport aircraft An-32B 2 acquired from Hungary in 1994, fitted with ventral racks for general-purpose bombs, antisubmarine torpedoes and depth charges.
Beechcraft Super King Air United States MEDEVAC/liaison aircraft B200T 1
Cessna 206 Stationair United States liaison aircraft Cessna 206 1
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter  Canada seaplane DHC-6-100 1 used by the Peruvian Coast Guard.

Former aircraft types include Keystone K-55 (1927-?), Grumman S-2E Tracker - (1973–1984), Handley Page and Boeing NB-1, as well as helicopter such as the Alouette III and the Bell 47G (1962-?).



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