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The People’s Commissariat of Mortar Armament (Russian: Народный комиссариат миномётного вооружения СССР) was one of the central offices in the Soviet Union, the equivalent of a Ministry, which oversaw the production of mortar weapons.

It was created on November 26, 1941 as the People's Commissariat of General Machine-Building Industry of the USSR (Наркомат общего машиностроения СССР). On February 17, 1946 it became the People's Commissariat of Machine Industry and Tooling of the USSR (Наркомат машиностроения и приборостроения СССР).


The headquarters were in the Chludov building in Moscow at Teatralniy Proezd (Театральный проезд). The phone book does not indicate the address of the Ministry.

List of ministers


  • Pjotr Parshin (20.11.1941 - 17.2.1946)


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