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Patricia Pauline Driscoll
Born December 14, 1977(1977-12-14) (age 45)
Residence Ellicott City, Maryland
Nationality American
Occupation Defense Executive

Patricia P. Driscoll (born December 14, 1977) is an American businesswoman, philanthropist, socialite, and author. A native of El Paso Texas, Driscoll was the head of the national charity, the Armed Forces Foundation (until 2015) based in Washington, D.C.

Personal life

Driscoll was born in El Paso, Texas. Her lineage is traced back to Benjamin Franklin and Edwin Goodman, (the Goodman half of the Bergdorf Goodman department store). Driscoll currently resides in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Professional life


Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts

In 2008, Driscoll and Celia Straus co-authored the book, Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts, Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD,[1] which examines the lives of service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The book focuses most of its attention on those service members who are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.

The Healing Heroes Book

The Healing Heroes Book is an interactive book that helps children and families of wounded service members deal with the feelings, changes, and challenges they face because of their loved one's injury. It helps children learn about wounds from service (including post-traumatic stress, brain injuries, burns, amputations), express their feelings, ask questions, and explore healthy ways to cope with the changes resulting from the injury to someone they love. It is an activity book, journal, and conversation-starter that provides valuable information while inviting children to make it their own as they co-author their personal book. The Healing Heroes Book is a powerful tool in the healing process as it opens lines of communication while it supports children and other family members alike.

Executive Producer

"That Which I Love Destroys Me" 

After meeting a countless number of troops with PTSD, in 2008, Patricia Driscoll and Celia Straus co-authored the book, Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts, Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD, which examines the lives of service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The book focuses most of its attention on those service members who are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Following the success of her first book Ms. Driscoll turned her attention to the children of wounded parents. After being touched by their stories, she commissioned and oversaw, The Healing Heroes Children’s book, to help support children whose parents are wounded in service. To continue to draw attention to wounds service members suffer post war (PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction) Ms. Driscoll partnered with Ric Roman Waugh and created the award nominated documentary "That Which I Love Destroys Me" purchased by Participant Media and has made it's theatrical debut all over the country.

President Armed Forces Foundation 2003-2015

The Armed Forces Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting and advocating for active-duty military personnel, National Guardsmen, Reservists, military families, and veterans. The AFF returns 95 cents of every dollar raised to service members and their families through our programs. Since 2001, the AFF has provided more than $95 million in assistance by covering travel, hotel rooms, home mortgages, car payments and everyday bills for families to be able to stay at their loved ones’ sides during treatment and recovery from wounds suffered during war. With the launch of our Help Save Our Troops campaign, the AFF proactively educates Americans about the hidden wounds of war, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and advocates for those troops and veterans who have suffered these hidden wounds. The ultimate goal of Help Save Our Troops is to reduce military suicides. Through this campaign, the AFF provides counseling services for military families, including children, grants for therapy and addiction counseling, and runs a variety of recreation group therapy programs to boost morale amongst service members, veterans, and their families. Under Patricia's leadership and the Board's guidance, over the last twelve years, AFF's annual revenue increased from $100,000 to $8,000,000 annually. Helping many military families with vital needs such as rent, food, and other necessary payments for survival. Today thousands of military families have been helped through our school counseling programs and Operation Caring Classroom. Our PTSD and moral programs have flourished under Ms. Driscoll's leadership creating partnerships with the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, and US Hockey, giving many of our wounded service members a chance to enjoy time away from the hospital and their injuries. Lastly, we put a desperately needed psychologist on the TBI/PTSD ward at Walter Reed National Medical center who will assist in research at that hospital as well as treat patients. In addition to raising funds for the AFF and its efforts, Driscoll has appeared on the Fox News Network discussing hardships facing military families.[2]

Driscoll was convicted of lying to investors, defrauding the IRS and was sentenced to more than a year in prison.[2]

Awards and special recognition

Driscoll has the following awards and special recognition:



  • Exemplary Service Award: Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts
  • Special Recognition: President George W. Bush at the Military Breakfast, White House Lawn
  • Merit of Honor Award: State of New Hampshire, New Hampshire National Guard
  • Outstanding Service Award: Washington Redskins


  • Special Recognition: President George W. Bush during a speech in the East Room of the White House
  • Special Recognition: Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings
  • Special Recognition Award: Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James T. Conway
  • Grand Marshall Talladega Speedway
  • Special Act Award: Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld
  • Special Recognition: Deputy Secretary of Defense, Gordon England
  • Special Recognition: Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff
  • Outstanding Service Award: History Channel


  • Special Recognition: President George W. Bush, Top 15 Military Foundations Supporting our Troops in the Country
  • Special Act Award: Deputy Secretary of Energy, Samuel W. Bodman
  • Outstanding Service Award: AMVETS


  • Special Recognition: Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham
  • Special Recognition: Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson


  • Special Recognition: U.S House of Representatives, Congressman Joe Wilson
  • Participant: 2004 Inaugural Parade Montana Float


  • Highlighted Guest Speaker, British Embassy Trade Tour, United Kingdom


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