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Armed Partisans
Partisans Armés
Participant in Second World War
Ecusson des Partisans Armés.jpg
Active -1943
Ideology Communist
Strength 13,246 (total)
Part of Red flag.svg Belgian Communist Party
Allies Milices Patriotiques (MP)
Opponents Nazi Germany German Occupying Forces

The Belgian Army of Partisans (French language: Armée belge des partisans), better known as the Armed Partisans (French language: Partisans Armés) or PA was a group of the Belgian resistance during World War II and affiliated to the Belgian Communist Party. In 1941, many of its members left to join the Front de l'Independance while the rest of the group was undermined in 1943 when almost all the leadership of the group and the Communist Party were arrested by German forces.[1]

13,246 people are recognized as having been members of the PA at some point during the war.[2] The group suffered heavy casualties and 1,200 were killed and a further 3,000 were arrested and sent to prison camps.[3]


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