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In the Finnish Army, a Partiosanomalaite m/83 (Parsa) is a compact communications device for reconnaissance units. The device can send free- and limited length messages, but writing is more inconvenient than with a proper messaging device, for example for communicating fire commands two buttons need to be pressed.

Determined length messages

  • 1 TUKON Fire control
  • 2 KORJAUS Altering fix to match enemy movements
  • 3 TUSII Fix target change
  • 4 MÄÄRITÄ Determine target
  • 5 KT HAV 1 Contacts with respect to target
  • 6 KT HAV 2 Contacts with respect to fire control
  • 7 MAALILUETTELO (Target list)
  • 8 ILMOITTAUTUMINEN (Reporting/Withdraw from messaging position)
  • 9 TIEDUSTELUTIETOJA (Recon data)
  • 0 LIIKENTEENLASKENTA (General traffic count)


  • The keyboard has 33 characters that can perform all possible functions.
  • 16 character LED-display
  • Transmit memory 2000 characters.
  • Receive memory 8 messages or 2000 characters.
  • Can send morse messages.
  • Powered by 6 AA-batteries.
  • Weight ~1 kg.
  • Partiosanomalaite was designed and is manufactured by Nokia.

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