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School of Logistics and Management
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Established 1970
Type Undergraduate and Graduate school
Officer in charge Rear-Admiral Sayyid Khawar Al, PN
Chancellor Admiral Noman Bashir, CNS
Location Karachi, District of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Affiliations Institute of Business Administration
Website Pakistan Navy School of Logistics and Management

The Pakistan Navy School of Logistics and Management, is an accredited and an academic university operated by the Pakistan Navy. The School of Logistics and Management located at Karsaz in Karachi, Sindh Province. And, it grants academic degrees in Logistics, Military and Political Science, War studies, Strategic studies, Business Administration, and Defence Sciences. The SLM student population is mostly active-duty naval officers, although Pakistan Government civilians and members of foreign militaries can also matriculate under a variety of programs. Most of the faculty are civilians.

The Air Force Institute of Aviation Technology (AFAT) serves a similar purpose for the Pakistan Air Force. The Pakistan Army Command and Staff College does likewise for the Pakistan Army.

Academic structure

PN School of Logistics and Management is committed to produce logisticians in order to contribute towards the combat readiness of the Pakistan Navy. Prominent infrastructure available with the School is highlighted below:

  • Administration Block
  • Residential Blocks
  • Computer Labs and Internet Facilities
  • Trained Faculty
  • Library having huge collection of Books
  • Audio/Visual Training Aids/Typing Pool
  • Training Simulators (for Chefs & Stewards)
  • Boarding and Lodging Facilities.
  • Training Ward Room and Training Galley.


The School of Logistics and Management started its function under Vice-Admiral Patrick J. Simpson near at the Manora Island of Karachi. In August 1970, the Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Government approved the federal university status of the school, therefore it was shifted to under the command of Karsaz Naval Technical Base. In 1987 the school went under major modernization, providing a well-equipped Galley, Bakery, Simulator Ward Room, Audio/Visual Typing system and a Computer Lab to enhance the training capabilities. On 14 August 1995 the School was made an independent unit, responsible to Commander Karachi for its assigned mission.


The School is functioning independently since 14 August 1995 and is responsible to Commander Karachi for its assigned mission. The Command structure has been upgraded form “Officer In-charge” to “Commanding Officer”. The School imparts training on Logistics, Inventory and Financial Management to PN Officers, Allied Officers, own CPOs, Sailors, Allied CPOs/Sailors and All PN Civilian employees.

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