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Regiment of Artillery
Flag of the Pakistani Army.svg
Active 14 August 1947
Allegiance  Pakistan
Branch  Pakistan Army
Size 45,000 (vary as troops are rotated)
Headquarters/Garrisons Generals Combatant Headquarter (GHQ)
Nickname(s) Gunners
Engagements Indo-Pakistani war of 1947
Indo-Pakistani war of 1965
Indo-Pakistani war of 1971
Indo-Pakistani war of 1984
Indo-Pakistani War of 1999
Indo-Pakistani standoff of 2001
War in North-West Pakistan
see Military history of Pakistan
Regiment Commander Lt Gen Syed Tariq Nadeem Gilani
Colonel Commandant

The Pakistan Army Regiment of Artillery (Urdu: رجمنٹ ﺁف ﺁرٹيلرى; sometimes Corps of Artillery), is an active and combatant military administrative staff corps operationally tasked with Muzzle-projectile weapons.[1] Despite its large size, the Regiment of Artillery comprises number of regiments stationed with combatant corps and divisions.[1] The Regiment of Artillery was initially part of the Regiment of Artillery of Indian Army, but linked itself with Royal Artillery and later integrated with Royal Indian Artillery.[1] However, its modern history stated in 1947 with the establishment of Pakistan.[2] First founded as Royal Pakistan Artillery, it was re-designed on 23 March 1956, and since then it is now known as Regiment of Artillery.[1] During its time of creation, the Regiment inherited only eight gun units, one survey battery, an air observation post flight and two formation headquarters.[2] Its earlier commanders were from British Army.[1] However in 1955, with the held and assistance received by United States Army's Field Artillery Branch through the U.S. aid, the Regiment completely abolished its British Army infrastructure, nomenclature, ranks and command, with many of its officers called British Army system, a "Complex and Non-rationale".[3] The Regiment first earned renown in Indo-Pakistani war of 1947, and also actively participated in Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 with approximately 552 Artillery regiments have participated.[1] However its performance was criticised in Bangladesh Liberation War, followed by Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, where it failed to produced any effective results.[1]

After the 1971 conflict, the Regiment was re-designed and re-established, with more advance courses were introduced. Since 1971, the Regiment has emerged as one of the potent combatant service in the Pakistan Army.[1] Since 1947, it has been a potent part and principle arm of Pakistan Army's notable operations and wars involving Pakistan at numerous occasions and time intervals.[2]

Right after joining the Regiment, the officers and personnel are sent to School of Artillery which was established by British Army in 1921 at Nowshera.[2] From period 1947-1955, massive re-organization and re-establishment took place and, on 11 November 1958, the research and development cell was placed, followed by a Physics and Mathematics division was also established the same year.[1] Since its inception, all personnel and officers are made mandatory to attend and pass these courses with advanced grades, before reaching to a commissioned service and active duty.[1]


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