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Pakistan Army Corps of Military Police
Flag of the Pakistani Army.svg
Active 14 August 1947 -
Country  Pakistan
Branch  Pakistan Army
Size 45,000 (vary as troops are rotated)
Headquarters/Garrison D.I. Khan Military District
Generals Combatant Headquarters (GHQ)
Nickname(s) Military Police
Corps of Military Police
Engagements Indo-Pakistani War of 1947
Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
Bangladesh Liberation War
Operation Searchlight
Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Balochistan war
Operation Fair Play
Indo-Pakistani War of 1999
1999 Military coup d'état
2001 Indo-Pakistani Standoff
War in North-West Pakistan

The Pakistan Army Corps of Military Police (Urdu: ملڑى پولیس كور; Military Police Core, abbreviated as MP, is the active-duty uniformed and principle combatant staff Corps tasked with maintaining law enforcement within Pakistan Army.[1] Professional misconduct and criminal investigations are conducted by the Military Police investigators or the Corps of Military Intelligence (CMI), both are reported to the Judge Advocate General Branch.

The MPs are the active members of the Pakistan Army who are professional trained to handle prisoners of war (POW) and to regulate military traffic system in the designated military districts, as well as to handle advanced military telecommunication equipment in their respected station military districts.[1]

Formed by Royal Military Police in 1946, it was initially the part of the Corps of Military Police (Indian Army). The Military Police was established shortly after the establishment of Pakistan, when elements of active duty Corps of Military Police reached to Abbottabad Military District (AMC) and reported to Pakistan Military Academy on November 1947 as a separate entity.[1] Four Military Police units were formed immediately and were retained in service.[1] In February 1949, it was decided to expand the Military Police by establishing an Infantry School Quetta to impart training to officers, junior and non-commissioned officers and soldiers of Corps of Military Police.[1] In April 1954, the Corps of Military Police's headquarter was shifted from Quetta to its present location Dera Ismail Khan.[1] However in 1971, the commanding office of the Military Police was located at the General Combatant Headquarters at the Rawalpindi, Punjab Province.[1] As for its war capabilities, the Military police took participation in Indo-Pakistani wars of 1947, 1965, 1971, and 1999, and currently undertaking operations in West Pakistan.[1] The MP can be identified by their red berets, white lanyards and belts, and they also wear a white helmet (on duty performed on field) white brassard with the letters "MP" imprinted in red.[1] The term "red berets" is synonymous with the personnel of the elite Corps of Military Police (MP), since all ranks of this Corps adorn the exclusive red berets along with white belts to distinguish themselves from other Corps of Army.[1]


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