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Kasa Fort

Padmadurg, also known as Kasa fort, is a fort in Maharashtra, India. It was built by the great Maratha ruler King Shivaji to the northwest of the fort Janjira. It was built mainly to conquer the fort Janjira, although it is not as big as Janjira. Due to incomplete construction, and bombardment from Janjira during its construction, only ruins of the Padmadurg fort remain. Many parts of the fort are now inaccessible and there are no direct ferryboats to Padmadurg.

This fort is under a seal by Indian Government as it has been claimed that drugs were smuggled there. It was built by great Maratha ruler king Shivaji. Although it is not as big as Janjira but still a sea fort that can be visited upon permission by Indian Customs\Navy. It looks great from Janjira.

When Shivaji the Great decided to take on the Siddis of Janjira, his admiral, Daulat Khan, built this fort on an island next to Janjira. The rock, on which the fort was built, was called Kasa and the fort was named Padmadurg. The fort has six bastions, some of them devastated by gun attack from the famous 'kalal bangdi' gun in Janjira. Kasa was soon overpowered by Siddis and used as a jail.

Padmadurga a sea fort was built in front of rajapuri in order to counter the siddi power. About this fort maharaj had said in a letter that by constructing padmadurg he had set up another rajpuri to overshadow the rajpuri of the siddis.

Coordinates: 18°19′20″N 72°55′58″E / 18.322135°N 72.932755°E / 18.322135; 72.932755

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