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Type Self-propelled gun-mortar
Place of origin China
Service history
Used by China
Production history
Designed 1999-2003
Produced 2005 onwards
Weight 16,500 kg (36,400 lb)
Length 663 cm (261 in)
Width 280 cm (110 in)
Height 320 cm (130 in)
Crew 4

The PLL-05 is a Chinese self-propelled gun-mortar in use by Chinese mechanised infantry formations. Conceptually it is similar to the Russian 2S23 "Nona-SVK" (the turret and weapon system of the 2S9 Nona mounted on a BTR-80 chassis) three of which China purchased for evaluation; at one time it was reported that China would purchase 100 of the Russian vehicles[1] however this failed to occur, nor does it appear that there was a formal transfer of technology to China. The Chinese system features a longer barreled weapon mounted on the Type 92 variant of the WZ551 armored personnel carrier. The gun-mortar is a lighter and more compact artillery piece than the traditional gun-howitzer at the expense of maximum range, and which has the advantage of better accuracy, higher rate of fire and capability of direct fire in comparison to standard infantry mortars.


The main armament of the PLL-05 is a 120mm gun-mortar in a turret capable of 360° traverse, this turret being mounted on a 6x6 WZ551 armored personnel carrier chassis. The mortar has an elevation range of -4 to +80 and is capable of both direct and indirect fire. It is fitted with a semi-automatic loader and can be fired in fully automatic, semi-automatic and fully manual modes, the maximum rate of fire being around 8-10 rounds per minute, with a sustained rate of fire being about 4-6 rounds per minute. Ammunition capacity is 36 rounds and include indirect fire mortar bombs and direct fire anti-tank rounds, maximum range with standard mortar bombs being about 9km. Secondary armament is a QJC-88 12.7×108mm heavy machine gun mounted on the turret roof. The crew of four consists of the vehicle commander, gunner, loader and driver. Mobility of the PPL-05 is similar to that of that base WZ551 and the vehicle can swim by way of two rear mounted propellers.


The existence of the PLL-05 was first revealed in 2001[1] with the system entering service some years later. The PLL-05 was one of the systems that participated in the military parade as part of the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China celebrations.


  • The Chinese and Russian articles on this subject were used as the basis for performance details in this article

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