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PH-32 is a former Nike missile launch site in Marlton, New Jersey, United States. The 35-acre (140,000 m2) base was opened on July 1, 1955 as part of a ring of 12 Nike sites intended to protect the population and military installations of the Philadelphia area during the Cold War, specifically from attack by Soviet bomber aircraft. During its operation, it had two magazines armed with Nike-Ajax missiles. At different periods in the base's history, it contained between 16 and 20 missiles.

In 1963, the more advanced Nike-Hercules missile was distributed to some Nike bases. Because of this new missile, fewer sites were needed and PH-32, along with 7 other Philadelphia region bases, was shut down. After deactivation, PH-32 was sold to Burlington County for $32,000 and was used as the Burlington County Civil Defense Center. Its new role was meant to be a coordination center for civil defense in the event of attack, but it ended up being used as storage. Different parts of the site also took on various roles including a fire and police academy, school, and target range.

The site was purchased by a developer who intended to split the property, with the new Spring Run neighborhood on the control area and a school on the launch area. While the project was approved, the development was never built. All buildings at the site were demolished in 1977. In the 1980s, water contamination near the base was found to be a health hazard. In the mid-1990s, the site was sold to another developer who turned the control area into the Briarwood development. In 2002, Evesham Township had the launch area cleared of illegal dumps and demolition debris left from the buildings. During the cleanup, the magazine elevator doors were sealed with asphalt for safety reasons.

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