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Overseas Territories Police Medal
UK Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service ribbon bar.PNG
Ribbon bar of medal for Meritorious Service
UK Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry ribbon bar.PNG
Ribbon bar of the CPM for Gallantry
Awarded by the Queen of the United Kingdom
Country British Overseas Territories
Type Medal
Eligibility police officers in British Overseas Territories, Crown Colonies, and British Dependent Territories
Awarded for gallantry or distinguished service
Status CPM for Meritorious Service currently awarded
CPM for Gallantry replaced by Queen's Gallantry Medal
Post-nominals CPM
First awarded 8 November 1938[1]
Order of Wear
Next (higher) Sierra Leone Fire Brigades Medal for Meritorious Service[2]
Next (lower) Badge of Honour[2]

The Overseas Territories Police Medal, known as the Colonial Police Medal (CPM) until April 2012,[3] is a medal awarded for gallantry or distinguished service to police officers in British Overseas Territories and formerly in Crown Colonies and British Dependent Territories. Officers from these areas can also be awarded the Queen's Police Medal, which is considered to be a higher award. The CPM was first awarded in 1938.

Colonial Police Medal

The most common form of the current award is the Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service. The equivalent medal for gallantry, the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry, which could be awarded posthumously, has not been awarded since 1974 and has been effectively replaced by the Queen's Gallantry Medal, which has been awarded posthumously since 1977. Queen Elizabeth II made the last presentations to two recipients in 1975 while she was in Hong Kong.[4][5]


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