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Overseas Medal
Médaille d’Outre-Mer
Médaille d'Outre-Mer.jpg
Overseas and revers of the medal with clasp for Lebanon
Awarded by  France
Type Commemorative Medal
Awarded for Participating in operations outside national territory
Status Currently Awarded
Established 6 June 1962
Next (higher) Medal of French Gratitude
Next (lower) Médaille de la Défense nationale
Related Colonial Medal
Medaille d'Outre-Mer (Coloniale) ribbon.svg
Ribbon bar of the medal

The Overseas Medal (French language: Médaille d'Outre-Mer) is a commemorative or campaign medal issued to members of the French Armed Forces for participating in operations outside national territory. It replaced the French Colonial Medal by decree on 6 June 1962.


  • Ribbon: sky blue with three vertical white bands, the two side ones of 2mm and the central one of 7mm
  • Medal: the work of engraver Georges Lemaire, in silver. A helmeted allegorical effigy of a woman as the personification of the French Republic, circled by the words "République française". The reverse shows a terrestrial globe on top of trophies of military conquest with the words "MEDAILLE D'OUTRE-MER"
  • Link: Silver laurel branches.
  • Bars: Gilt, showing the territory where the campaign occurred.

Campaign Clasp

The areas of service are indicated by a gilt silver campaign clasp, there are currently 13 available:

  • Cambodge (Cambodia)
  • Liban (Lebanon)

Médaille d' Outre Mer, clasp "Tschad", with original ribbon

  • Chad (Tchad), awarded to all French personnel, military or otherwise, who served in Chad regardless of the length of service from March 15, 1960 to January 27, 2008 . As of January 28, 2008, the campaign clasp is awarded for fifteen days of consecutive service or a cumulative equivalent of non-consecutive days.
  • Mauritania (Mauritanie), awarded to all French personnel, military or otherwise, who served in Mauritania from November 1977 to July 1990, regardless of length of service.
  • Moyen-Orient (Middle East)
  • Ormuz (Hormuz)
  • République centrafricaine (Central African Republic)
  • République de Côte d'Ivoire (Republic of Côte d'Ivoire)
  • République démocratique du Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • République du Congo (Congo)
  • Rwanda (Rwanda)
  • Somalie (Somalia)
  • Zaïre (Zaire)


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