Ottone Enrico del Caretto, Marquis of Savona

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Othon Henri del Caretto or Del Carretto, Marquis of Grana (1629 - Mariemont, Hainaut 15 June 1685) was an Imperial Army commander and political figure.

Descendant from an old Italian noble family, he was titular Margrave of Savona, Marquis of Grana, Count of Millesimo, etc.
He became instantly famous on 11 August 1675 in the Battle of Konzer Brucke, he engaged the right flank on exactly the right moment against the French under François de Créquy, inflicting a severe defeat. On the battlefield a Grana-memorial was erected in 1892.

He became a Knight of the Golden Fleece in 1678, Field Marshal of the Empire, Imperial embassador in Madrid and General Captain and the Habsburg Netherlands in April 1682.

On 31 July 1667 he married Maria Theresia von Herberstein (Graz 1641 - Brussels 1682), widow of Franz Adam Graf von Losenstein.

They had two daughters :

  • Maria Enrichetta (Vienna 1671 - Drogenbos 1744), Margravine of Savona and Marquesses of Grana, Countess of Millesimo, etc., married in Brussels on 12 February 1684 Philippe Charles d'Arenberg, 3rd Duke of Arenberg and Duke of Arschot (1663–1691), who was killed in the Battle of Slankamen.
  • Maria Gabriella, (Vienna 1675 - Brussels before 1700), married 1690 Charles François de la Barre, Comte d’Erquelinnes et de Olloy, Baron de Hierges.

After the death of his first wife Othon Henri married, on 10 June 1683, Maria Theresa d’Arenberg (1666–1716), sister of his son-in-law.


Preceded by
Alexander Farnese, Prince of Parma
the Habsburg Netherlands
Succeeded by
Francisco Antonio de Agurto, Marquis of Gastañaga

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