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Third Ottoman–Venetian War
Part of Ottoman–Venetian Wars
Battle of Preveza (1538).jpg
The "Battle of Preveza" (1538) by Ohannes Umed Behzad, painted in 1866.
LocationMediterranean Sea
Result Ottoman victory
Holy League:
 Republic of Venice
 Republic of Genoa
 Papal States
 Kingdom of Naples
Kingdom of Sicily Kingdom of Sicily
Sovereign Military Order of Malta Knights of Malta
 Ottoman Empire
 Kingdom of France (until 1538)
Commanders and leaders
Andrea Doria Hayreddin Barbarossa

The French and Ottoman fleets joined at the Siege of Corfu in early September 1537.

Capitulation reopenning trade between Venice and the Ottoman Empire signed 2 October 1540, following the Ottoman–Venetian War.

The Third Ottoman–Venetian War was one of the numerous Ottoman–Venetian Wars of the period. The Ottoman Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent had been angered by a treaty signed between the Republic of Venice and the Habsburg Empire of Charles V. One of the main events of the war was the Siege of Corfu (1537), and the decisive Battle of Preveza on 28 September 1538.

It was followed by the Siege of Castelnuovo in 1539.[1]

A treaty or "Capitulation" was signed between Venice and the Ottoman Empire to end the war on 2 October 1540.

In the period between the start of the Second Ottoman–Venetian War in 1499 and the end of this war in 1540, the Ottoman Empire made significant advances in the Dalmatian hinterland - it didn't occupy the Venetian cities, but it took the Kingdom of Hungary's Croatian possessions between Skradin and Karin, eliminating them as a buffer zone between the Ottoman and Venetian territory.[2] The economy of the Venetian cities in Dalmatia, severely impacted by the Turkish occupation of the hinterland in the previous war, recovered and held steady even throughout this war.[3]

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